My Roommate the Cylon

USA Today Pop Candy
“I couldn’t help but chuckle,
especially when they mimic Battlestar’s style.”

USA Today’s Pop Candy

Guardian UK
“Special thanks to the My Roommate the Cylon team
for their fun fan-bits floating around YouTube.”

Guardian UK

7 Webotainers Worth Watching:
“Space Shank Media drags the lofty Battletar Galactica
mythology down to earth.”

Wired Underwire Blog

“Space Shank breaks out of the pack with
its parody of Battlestar Galactica.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Pretty frakkin’ funny.”
“…the beginnings of a very funny series.”

“Fresh & irreverent: beat-by-beat, the creators managed
to capture the rhythm of the show they’re spoofing.”

Featured twice in the showdown!



Flipper Nation


USA Today

The plight of real estate investors is even
the topic of a Web mockumentary,
called Flipper Nation, that pokes fun at
two wannabe real estate speculators who
ended up making a $1 profit."
New York Post
Tatum and Kimball look into the camera and
say with their best Ricky Gervais earnestness,
"Right now the real estate market is so hot,
it's hard to make a lot of money."
TV Guide
Named "Best of the Web"
Business Week
One group of aspiring TV stars has put
together an online series of Webisodes that
play off America's fascination with real estate investing...
San Antonio Express-News The show spoofs real estate investment
shows such as A&E's "Flip This House" and
TLC's "Flip That House."

The Real Deal Magazine

Flipper Nation, a new online video series,
is gaining popularity for its satirical storyline
of two real estate housing flippers out to make a
quick buck as the bubble is threatening to burst.

Tom Green on the Yahoo! Talent Show "I can see this being the next big sketch comedy troupe online. They're outrageous. They have good acting ability, although - you know - don't take my word for it."
Commercial Real Estate, Memphis The best show on TV about real estate…that’s not on TV.
Working with Real Estate Investors
The show does not only mock real estate investors,
it also mocks real estate agents, mortgage brokers
and contractors. The funny thing here, is that they
are not off the mark at all.
Mortgage Guide 101 If you believe that house flipping is easy and
will get you to the income of your dreams,
you should especially see this series.
New York Real Estate Investors Assoc. Two Thumbs Up!
Jonathan Miller on Matrix I’d rather watch the clip than think about reality.
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